Is Kratom Really Addictive? Know The Best Practices To Use Kratom In The Right Way!

Many people want to know whether Kratom is addictive or not. This subject has even emerged to be one of the most popular debate topics among the Kratom users. Well, many studies have shown that kratom is almost similar to the caffeine when it comes to its addictive potential.

If kratom is used for long periods, it is shown to create the physical tolerance. However, it is also created by the regular usage of caffeine and sugar. How do we know whether it is addictive or not?

Ceiling effects of Kratom

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In general terms, the ceiling means that after some specific dosage level, the kratom’s mood boosting effects may not increase, but the side effects may be noticed. It is one of the important factors to consider when using Kratom.

This ceiling may cause the kratom addiction. It ensures that the physical tolerance can only increase to some particular point, which neither the sugar or caffeine or any such harder substances do.

The plain leaf has an in-built safety mechanism against the kratom addiction. There are some full spectrum extracts like kratom resin that carry these ceiling effects to an extent. It makes it a safer choice.

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One of the best ways to avoid building kratom tolerance is to stagger the dosage to make sure that all the alkaloids are out of system for good time. If done properly, this will be a very effective way to avoid kratom addiction.

Best ways to use Kratom

To get the best results, it is important to use kratom effectively. With so many effects differences and a lot of preparation methods, you might get confused. However, the following pointers will guide you to follow some of the best practices.

  • The “Toss and wash” method – It is one of the most preferable practice while taking Kratom. This practice includes pouring liquid in the mouth and adding kratom. After that, you need to mix it with your tongue and finally swallowing. The inexperienced users need to start with the lower dosages and gradually increase it to make it a less painful process.
  • Capsules – Going for capsules can be one of the great ideas for the ones who are not comfortable with the toss and wash method. There is variety of machines that makes it very easy. Plus, it is fairly cheap option too!
  • Tea – Mixing the dosages with hot water is a method that is used by many people. Just strain out the remaining leaf and drink resulting liquid. This method is also quite popular and effective.
  • Mixtures – Another method of getting down the kratom easily is to mix it with different substances. For instance, it can be mixed with smoothies, yogurt, or honey. This is a personal matter and you can use any mixture of your choice.

When you start using kratom, it is always advisable to know the best dosage and strain choice to get the best and most desirable results. The vein and strain color has its unique effects. So, make sure to go through the above guidelines before you start!

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