Ways to Prepare and Use CBD Vape Cartridge

The popularity of CBD is rising in the market. Getting the best form of CBD is not an easy task. The rise of CBD vape pens has made things so much easier. Further, CBD oil is easier to vape using vape pens. However, you just have to get hold of the right cartridge. Cartridges are the special chambers for holding CBD. There are also various flavors found for intake.

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What are CBD vape cartridges?

It is such a popular method of vaping. It is a small container where CBD vape juice is poured to be used. It is made using various ingredients and the vape liquid is found as a flavored agent also. The container can take about 0.5ml to 1 ml of the vape liquid. It depends on the brand and the quantity it can intake.

Advantages of using Vaping over other methods

The results are quite instant with vaping that is not found in any other procedure. While you inhale CBD, you get the effects simultaneously. Likewise, the oils take about ½ hour to reach the bloodstream. About 60% of CBD goes into your body when you are inhaling it. It is very easy and convenient to carry vape pens.

You can store it simply in your pockets and smoke whenever you are suffering from anxiety. However, the effects are quick to lose their reaction in the body too. The CBD tinctures last for about 3 hours in the body, while vaping it’s just for about 30 minutes.

How to operate the CBD vape cartridges?

Before vaping CBD, you must buy CBD cartridge. There are three main ways:

  • Prefilled cartridges

These are the cartridges where the e-liquid is filled from before. It is easily disposable and is durable to use.

  • Refillable cartridges

Refillable cartridges are very cheap in the long run. Besides, the vape comes differently while you can purchase the cartridge separately. These are made with higher quality materials like metal, glass, etc. You can just unscrew the vape and refill the cartridge.

Give about 15 minutes for the juice to get inside the vape and absorb in the coil. This increases the life of the coil. Put the vape back and you are ready to go. Further, The CBD vape cartridges should be kept in a cool and dry place away from direct sunlight.

The dose depends on the weight and type of the body. Start with the lowest dose and once you are familiar, you can shift to the higher dose. The average users consume anything between 10mg to 50mg of CBD at least two times a day.


Cartridges are the best designs to smoke CBD. They are very convenient and come in handy as well.